Brave/Polka-Dot Cake

Brave Cake

I saw THIS post on pinterst on how to make a polka-dot cake.

It looks SOO COOL.

But once I read the instructions I read that ‘you needed a cake pop pan.’


I don’t own a cake pop pan. Plus this might be the only time I would be making this type of cake. I was not about to go out to buy a cake pop pan. I would have borrowed one from a friend but I didn’t know anyone with a cake pop pan.  If you are a person with either a cake pop pan or a friend with a cake pop pan just stop reading now. Refer to the pin above because she has excellent instructions on how to do the cake pop polka-dot cake.

BUT if you don’t have a cake pop pan keep reading. I will be showing you how I did the polka-dot cake without a cake pop pan.

My youngest daughter wanted a ‘Brave‘ party for her birthday this year. So in keeping with the ‘Brave’ theme we were doing a target cake. I wanted SOMETHING about her party to be a surprise. She had a hand in each step of planning her party. The crafts, the piñata, the invitations. I wanted something to have an ‘oooh’ factor for her.

So polka dot cake it was going to be.

In keeping with our red and blue theme of the party I did red and blue polka-dots. I only had yellow cake mix on hand so if you want more of a true to life color in your cake use white cake. I didn’t, so it is what it is.

Brave Cake

Make up one cake mix of cake batter. Divide the batter into two separate bowls.

Brave Cake

Add 30 drops of blue and 10 drops of green to make the aqua color. Ass 50 drops of drops of red to make the red. Hold your breath as you do it and try not to think of all the food coloring that is going into this cake. It is only 1 day and only 1 cake (so I am telling myself) it can’t do that much harm JUST this once.  But I was going for an effect and if food dye was what it was going to take than food dye it was going to have to be.

Bake the cakes in round pans. To make your life easier use parchment paper circles on the bottom of the pan

Brave Cake

Once the cakes were baked I pulled out a circle cutter.

Brave Cake
This one that I used was a 1 1/2″ round but use what ever size cutter you have. Obviously the bigger the cutter the bigger the polka-dot. I wouldn’t go too small because I would be concerned that the smaller the circles the less of an effect it will have.

Brave Cake

Once all circles are cut lay them in the pan as horizontal to the side of the pan as possible. With it being a round pan I know this can be difficult. SO just do your best.  Now mix up 2 more cake mixes. Pour one over each pan. Bake till done.


Cut the hump off the cake pan using a serrated knife and the top edge of the pan as a guide. Once the cakes are cooled and flipped out cut the cakes horizontally again to make each cake into 2 layers. Fill with icing and then ice the cake.

Brave Cake

I used twizzlers to make the target portion on the top of the cake. I used the bits pieces because I was afraid if I were to use the twists or even the pull and peel twizzlers, when I went to cut the cake they would be difficult to cut through with out ruining the top of the cake.

Brave Cake

I think it turned out pretty well. I know it got lots of ooh and ahs and definitely was a surprise for the birthday girl.


To what extents have you gone too to make your child’s birthday a special one? Special cake? Decorations? A special visitor? Memories are meant to be made and cherished. Go make some good ones!

  • Steph – The Event Crashers

    This is such a great idea – it looks great!

  • Andrea

    I tried this out only, using heart cookies inside, but that was for Valentine’s Day. So much fun this hidden shapes are to have in a cake! Great work, it looks delicious!!

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