My Top Pinterest Picks For Valentine’s Day

I am in love with Pinterest. I have not met a woman and in some cases, men, who has not had the same sentiment. It is a wonderland of information, images, recipes, DIY, and silliness. I have wasted spent so much time over at Pinterest it is not even funny. I use to waste spend time on Facebook or Google but no more! Pinterest is my new BFF. P.S.Follow Me on Pinterest

I love this simple decoration.  Construction paper, string, yarn or ribbon and a bit of tape and you are set to go. I can see this on a door or strung across a mantle. The colors are scattered on the string in this photo but I think it would also look nice with each string holding the same color heart.


Valentines Day often means chocolate. I think this valentine conversation heart bark would be great using dark chocolate. Or try it swirling several different types of chocolate. MMMmm. It looks like this one can’t be messed up. If it doesn’t look right just break it up and it is perfect!


We are big fans of non-candy Valentines in our house. This one made total sense for my family. We have 1 in preschool and 1 in kindergarten so we are all about play dough in our house. If you are not computer savvy with the graphics just fold over a piece of card stock and write the saying on the card stock. Use a few stapes and you are set to go. Have the kids dress them up with a few stickers as their contribution.

The Paper Mama on Pinterest.

We may be frugal with our candy consumption but we love bacon in our house! Nothing says love like a piece of heart shaped bacon. I could also see these half dipped in chocolate. Remember the chocolate dipped bacon craze? Yeah… I never stopped loving it.


This is the one my kids will be giving this year. FREE paint chips from the hardware store or Wal-Mart, a hear hole punch and some ribbon. Done! Save the heart punches and use for confetti if you are feeling fancy. To make them a bit more personalized use a mailing label on the back so your kids can write a message to their friends.


How awesome is this one! Rulers are super cheap and from time to time can be found in the $1 bin at Target. School supplies are always needed. I love that it is something that is a play on words and useful at the same time!

Want to see what my picks were last year? HERE is the link. Turns out 2 are repeats. I guess I REALLY like them!

What is your favorite pin on Pinterest? How much time do you waste spend over there? Is it worth it?

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