How To Roast Peppers

How To Roast Peppers

The new year is here and you are getting healthy! Chances are you will be using roasted peppers in a recipe this month. But have you seen the price of those gems in the grocery store? Wowza! Here is my video tutorial on how I make roasted red peppers. Easy peasy and penny pinching!

If you have never tried a roasted pepper you don’t know what you are missing! They are sweet like a raw pepper but they are soft like a cooked pepper all with a hint of smokiness that indicative to anything that is roasted. They add depths of flavor to salads, sandwiches, pastas burgers…anything really. But form some reason these delicious treats can cost you a pretty penny in the grocery store.

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How To Roast Peppers At home

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  • Kara

    Is there another way? I have an electric stove.

  • Sarah Mock

    If you have a grill that will work as well. You might want to try your broiler in your oven. Just be sure not to close the door all the way when you are broiling.Β