Chicken Waterer Warmer

We have chickens at our house and every year we have problems with the water freezing in their waterer. This year we got smart and make a chicken water warmer out of a cookie tin and a light bulb! Here is a layout of how we did it and how you can too.

chicken waterer warmer

Materials list:

  • Metal Cookie Tin
  • 25 watt lightbulb  * you may need a higher wattage depending on how cold it gets in your area.
  • Bottom turn knob socket
  • Preassembled 2 prong heavy duty cord
  • Rubber grommet    *optional – found at the auto parts store

chicken waterer warmer 2


  1. Drill 2 holes in the side of the cookie tin. These should be sized to fit your socket base and grommet.  We used a 3/8″  and 1/2″ hole.
  2. Install the grommet.
  3. Thread the cord through the grommet so that you can wire up the lamp socket inside the cookie tin.
  4. Attach the cord onto the 2 terminals on the socket.
  5. Now push the socket through from the inside of the second hole and attach the knurled nut to secure the socket base to the tin.
  6. Install the lightbulb and test for proper operation before you head outside!

chicken waterer warmer 3

We had to run an extension cord from our house to the coop to provide electricity. Make sure for safety that your extension cord is plugged into a GFCI outlet or circuit. Once plugged in and light bulb on, set the cookie tin on the floor and place the waterer directly on top of the closed cookie tin. The glowing bulb inside will warm the tin and keep the water from freezing.  You may want to add a timer or a thermo cube thermostatically controlled electric receptacle to keep your electricity use as low as necessary to keep the water thawed.