Your Good China Is Not Just For The Holidays

I know in come circles registering for fine china has gone out of vogue. Couples are cutting back on expenses, combining households, being very ‘practical’ in their gift registries. I can totally see where they are coming from. It makes sense! Why register for big tickets items that you will use a few times a year? How often will you actually pull out the good china and use it?

But when I got married over a decade ago I LOVED registering for china and crystal. I wanted a practical pattern that wasn’t in vogue or was going to date itself. I wanted a quality china that was classic and had simple lines. Something I could dress up with linens or table decorations and it would fit any occasion or holiday. My husband and I ended up choosing Lenox Solitaire Platinum.

I am under the thinking that if you have it use it!

Do you have good china?

Where you gifted with your grandmothers heirloom china?

Do you have a collection of lovely place setting that you found at your favorite thrift and vintage stores?

Pull it out. It was meant to be USED. What good does it do sitting in the cabinet or box? Pull it out and appreciate the beauty of the pieces.

  • Thanksgiving is in a week or so so there is a prefect opportunity to pull out your lovely pieces. Don’t fret about it getting chipped or broken. Life happens. Leave the chip there (as long as no one will get hurt, like on the edge of a coffee cup for example) and bring up the story next year on how it happened. Have a laugh and a memory over the little chip.
  • If you have a friend over for lunch, honor them by pulling out the china. Have fun with the pretty things in your home.
  • Pull out the china for the children’s birthday and serve cake on the salad plates. Some people are in the mind set that children shouldn’t be trusted around delicate things. I am of the mind set that children should be taught to respect property, show manners and restraint of their actions when they know something is precious to another.
  • Use your lovely pieces for an average dinner with your spouse. Or a not so average dinner. Have hamburgers on your china, have a recreation of recipes served at your wedding or another special occasion. Nothing will dress up or enhance a meal more than it being served on your lovely china. It sure beats a paper plate!

Do you have fancy china?

Do you use it?

What is your favorite occasion to pull out your lovely pieces?