Review ~ Zamzee

As you have probably been reading that I attended BlogHer’12 in NYC over the weekend. BlogHer had over 130 sponsors at the conference and Zamzee was one of them. I did my best to check out the different sponsors to see if they had a product or service my readers would be interested in learning about and the Zamzee fit the bill. The Zamzee is an activity meter that measures movement and then once connected to the wearer can track progress and earn rewards through a points system. It combines the fun of a digital game with the importance of getting our kids up and moving.

Zamzee is still in beta development so I am sure there will be some updates and improvements over the coming weeks and months. Even in a beta it is a pretty awesome product.

Zamze is different and awesome in the fact that:

  • It measures intensity of activity, not just steps
  • It is designed for kids, with their direct input.
  • Fits into a pocket or clips onto clothes
  • Holds a charge for 2 weeks
  • Built-in USB for data upload and charging (no cords!)
  • $29.95 plus shipping

Here we go. The following is how we started with our Zamzee.

This is the opening page once you have your Zamzee out of the packaging and have it plugged into your USB port on your computer.

Set up your user name and add your birthday.

Don’t use your REAL name as your user name.  I have not found an option to change your user name. Choose wisely.

Go ahead and click the ‘set up now’ button.

Download the software from their website so your Zamzee can be ready by the program.  **note I just updated my MAC to the new mountain lion and I had to go in to the settings and allow the computer to download the Zamzee program to my computer.I think it defaults back to not downloading anything other than stuff from the iTunes store. Once I did this it was easy peasy.

The program downloads automatically.

Add your user name to the box and your Zamzee will be all set up.

This is the fun part. Well, one of the fun parts.

Create your avatar. Zamzee know that keeping a child’s identity private is very important so they give you an opportunity to create an avatar with out using an actual picture of your child. I like that they have cute accessories for your Zamzee without having to already have points in your account.

Now you are set to go…well sot of….

CHARGE IT!!!!! We made the mistake of once the program was uploaded to the Zamzee we grabbed it out of the computer and attached it to one of the kids with out charging.WHOOPS.  So all the running and playing they did went uncharted.  Oh well rookie mistake.

But that just shows you how excited my kids were to go earn points!

Once your child has been up and moving, playing and walking around come back to your computer and plug it in and log onto .  Upload your progress and see your results! Pictured above are my movements from being at BlogHer ’12 last weekend.As you can see being at a conference is not a sedimentary event. Lots of moving and grooving!

If you are looking for a challenge they have them!!

Click on a challenge and go for it!  Once you accept the challenge the clock is running. The challenge gives you a time limit and an end goal.  In the example above my child had 15 minutes to take a balance beam challenge.  If she was able to keep up to the challenge, I think it is a mystery what the activity level is for the challenge, then they are awarded with Zamz. A Zamz is the virtual currency used and accepted in the Zamzee shop. Turn in your Zamz for gift certificates and other fun prizes! If the parent wants to they can give kids extra motivation my giving the child funding in $5, $10 and $20 Goalz. Everyone needs a little motivation!

Do you have a couple of kids with Zamzees? There is a family page view.  Checkout what all of your kids are doing in one view.  Set goals for them and give them challenges.

I love that Zamzee doesn’t use an actual photo of your child for the avatar. I don’t know about you but we are very aware of internet safety in our house. Just don’t use your real name and you are good to go!

My kids are in love with Zamzee. My youngest woke me up today by asking me to  help her put her Zamzee on her pocket. The run around, play and dance with the intentions of coming back to see how many pointz they got for the activity. They add the challenges and do their best to reach them. I think they have only been able to accomplish 1 of the challenges but they still try. With all the digital technology on the market that keeps kids sedentary it is refreshing to see a digital product that gives kids motivation to get you and move. I love the technology that monitors intensity of action and activity not just how many steps they are taking.

As a parent I want to see how much my kids are moving. Not just knowing they are outside playing but seeing that they are moving through the Zamzee. It also gives me another chance to bring internet safety into our conversations. Knowing why they have a cartoon character as an avatar, knowing that just because some one ‘friends’ them doesn’t mean they need to accept it. The list just goes on.

Here I am at BlogHer with some of the fabulous Zamzee folks.  A great group who are very approachable and passionate about getting kids moving.

Would you like  a discount code? Who wouldn’t? use the code: ZZCONF2012 at checkout and get 25% off ZamZee merchandise!