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6 Recipes That Celebrate National Cherry Pie Day

6 Recipes That Celebrate National Cherry Pie DayFebruary 20 is National Cherry Pie Day! One of my most vivid memories of cherry pie is microwaving a piece while I was baby sitting and when I grabbed it out of the microwave, my hand slipping and my thumb ending up in the boiling filling. If you have never had a sugar burn you are lucky! Ouch does not even being to describe the pain! I believe it blistered for 3 weeks after that.I know you are ... read more


Red Beets

How To ~ Make Pickled Beets

Here is my video tutorial on how to make pickled beets. I am using a striped beet in this tutorial but a dark beet works just as good if not better. Ever hear of 'red beet eggs' or 'pickled eggs'? This is the red beet part of that equation. Enjoy and let me know what you do with your red beets. Do you follow me on Pinterest? Here is my Canning & Freezing Board to get you started: ... read more



Make A Wisp Piñata

As a penny pincher I am always looking for ways to save here and pinch there. Planing a kids birthday party is no exception.  I bake my own cakes, plan our own decorations, make all the food and even design the invitations and thank you notes. I am lucky that I have a background in baking and pastry arts for the culinary ventures of our parties and my husband has taught me all sorts of photoshop lessons so these elements come easy for me. But ... read more

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